One of my favorite pieces. His eye floats on clear glass so you

feel he is really staring at you.  Fun!

For many years I have been involved with art, design, and their history & development.  Artists & designers have inspired me to be creative & to develop my skills. I use traditional & also unique techniques to create my own designs. 


I have attended many classes at conventions all over the US.  Most of the instructors are ones I had followed only thru magazines they write for.  I have also taught classes in glass shops & Adult Education in Owensboro.


Some of my work originated by my expressing & creating new feelings.  I

believe each phase of your life brings new thoughts & perspective to your work, regardless of what form of art you work with. 


My formative years were influenced by art teachers & employers who taught art as well.  I apprenticed in an actual retail environment, Glass Factory in alot of the windows you see in that town, I have at least helped on or did on my own.  Panels for the Steretts, Bosleys, Doctors, churches, offices, etc, since 1973!  Now, I have my own studio/shop on a farm in Kentucky, where we have rolling hills and horses that inspire & rejuvenate.  Call for an appointment.

I designed three of these for client in Glasgow Kentucky.

They are in his wine cellar.

Bronco Rider with real Lasso border
Female barrel racer

Creekshop Stained Glass


Western Wood & Metal Art


Linda and Glen House

3395 Halls Creek Road

Olaton, Ky

near Rosine the Birthplace
of Bluegrass Music 


 Give us a call

at 270 298-9309


Creekshop Stained Glass & Artworks



Glen is making handsome

shelves and gun racks

with western

brackets & conchos.

All sizes! All woods!

Also, metal bit & spur stands


 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



I am glad to showcase





Check out these custom

made horseman's dream. 

Roll them right up to your

horse. Prevent damage to

your expensive saddles,

breaststraps and bridles. 


And now, custom solid

wood shelves with cast

iron braces, metal bit

and spur stands too. 

Solid wood construction,

assembled with screws

& roofing truss brackets

for extra strength. 

Clearcoated for

weather resistance.



What's New?

We will visit several area events with our trailer of creations. Watch for us!